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Mahmood rice is a premium grade rice of the 1121 type.  What gives Mahmood rice it is distinctive taste, flavour and long grain appearance is the way the rice is grown in it is place of origin, northern regions of India.  Bordering the famous mountains of the Himalayas where the air is clean and the water is pour. This has created the perfect condition to grow and produce the perfect rice.


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Mahmood rice

Especially in Middle East and Europe markets, carrying the distinction of being the most well known and consumed rice, Mahmood Rice offers 1121 and Traditional type of rice to consumers with distinctive

Altunsa Milk

Altusna Milk Powder is an ideal source for any situation where there is no regular milk supply. Availabe sizes in 20 g, 25 g, 50 g, 250 g, 350 g, 400 g, 800 g, 900 g, 1.8 Kg, 2.25 Kg



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Our company started trading in 1993, in the field of wholesale food products. Since then we have expanded our reach in this market and we have established "Bamo" company for whole food supplies in 2005 and we have been trading under this name ever since. Bamo brand is anonymous with the well-known brand Mahoomd Rice Customers love our products and the services we provide in this sector. We pride ourselves on our values of honesty and consistency of our products. This has allowed us to become the exclusive wholesale supplier of Mahmood rice and win over the Kurdistan and Iraq market in a short amount of time. It is our goal to continue building on our current success as a company by adhering to our core values of sourcing and supplying only the best products in the food sector. We have taken the necessary steps to achieve this, for example our company has gone through some restructuring of our management team to further enhance efficiencies and improve the speed of delivery and quality assurance of our products and to reach unexplored markets which we are currently not supplying to. In addition to restructuring the management formulation we have also added human resources department (HR) and staff training programs to improve the capabilities of our entire work force.