About Us

Bamo Company is an Exclusive agent of Mahmood Rice and Altunsa Milk in Kurdistan and Iraq


Bamo is a registered company based in Kurdistan of Iraq, headed by Bahadeen Jamal  who is the executive director.  We specialist in food procurements and supply we have been established since 1993. Since our humble beginning our company has flourished from a single base in Sulaymany in Kurdistan of Iraq to a nationwide wholesale food suppliers with bases in all major cities of Iraq. 

Bamo is registered with a (GTDC) General Trading Directorate of companies in Kurdistan and we are also an active member of the (CCI) "Chamber of Commerce and Industries" as well as a registered Iraqi Union of Importers and Exporters organization, Our modest trading history we enjoy a great consumer confidence duo to the high quality of products we supply.  Our product have gained a wide fan base and widely recognized to represent quality and consistency throughout Iraq as a whole.

Bamo has many large distribution bases throughout the Kurdistan, mid and south of Iraq. With 1,500 employees throughout Iraq with our head office in Sulaymaniyah- Kurdistan Bamo has the necessary capability of distribution to supply any market no matter the level of requirement. This network is supported by a talented team of managers, procurement specialist, marketers and a professional team of dedicated drivers and support staff. This has been the bases of our success to supply a nationwide consumer base and constantly exploring new territories in the region , Bamo supplies different segments of the food wholesale and retail sector. We currently supply a large number of smaller distributors and retailers throughout Iraq. 


Some of the sectors we supply to includes:

Prestigious Restaurants

Catering houses

Food retails stores

Large supermarkets


Mahmood rice is a premium grade rice of the 1121 type.  What gives Mahmood rice it is distinctive taste, flavour and long grain appearance is the way the rice is grown in it is place of origin, northern regions of India.  Bordering the famous mountains of the Himalayas where the air is clean and the water is pour. This has created the perfect condition to grow and produce the perfect rice, Our Mahmood rice product, has a rivalled reputation in the rice market. Bamo also supplies various other food related products to the same markets. For example Bamo is also the sole supplier of the "Altunsa Powdered Milk" product for whole of Iraq.

Through our strategies of efficiency our company has gained a healthy growth and development over the years. We work closely with our partners and producers to bring you the customer the best we can offer in terms of the finished product.  This is why we are actively involved in implementing best practices from the very early stages of the planting of our rice all the way to the harvesting.  Our qualified staff oversea every aspect of the process to ensure the finish product is of the highest quality and consistency