Mahmood Rice

Mahmood rice is a product of "Altun Kaya" brand. A commercial company with it is headquarters in Turkey.

Customers can order Mahmood rice from Bamo company.  Bamo is one of the largest wholesale and retail food products.  We are also the exclusive supplier and disturber of Mahmood Rice brand and "Altonsa powder milk" for whole of Iraq with it is main base in  Sulaimaniya - Kurdistan.

Mahmood rice is a premium quality rice of the (1121) type, grown in India. Duo to it is long grains it make it the perfect choice for many rice based dishes and various rice based cuisines.

  • 35kg Net weight

  • 30kg Net weight

  • 25kg Net weight

  • 20kg Net weight

  • 10kg Net weight

  • 5kg Net weight

  • 900g Net weight

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